Bavarian cuisine: The 8 best Oktoberfest recipes for cooking at home

Whether savory food, sweet dessert or little treats to go – the Wiesn is a true gourmet’s paradise. Unfortunately, this year the popular Oktoberfest won’t take place. Nevertheless, you don’t have to miss out on the delicacies from the Munich Wiesn. Be inspired by our 8 recipes and bring the dishes to your home. The Bavarian cuisine offers an extensive range of delights, especially for meat fans, but vegetarians and dessert lovers will also find plenty recipes to enjoy. We wish “an Guadn” (Bavarian expression for “bon appétit”)! 🥨 🥘. 🍖

With these Bavarian movies you can already look forward to the Oktoberfest 2022

Oktoberfest movies

Wiesn fans will have to wait a year longer this time until the next Oktoberfest. We selected a variety of Bavarian Classics for you to watch while you wait – from comedy to crime thrillers. You can also enjoy the cheap fees of Netflix, Amazon Prime & Co. while at the same time avoiding the Oktoberfest curfew! Another great thing you can take advantage of are the low beer prices you will pay for your beer at home. Continue reading for the best Bavarian movies that will make you look forward to the Oktoberfest 2022. 🎬. 🍻

Barrier-free Wiesn: The folk festival for everyone


The City of Munich, as the organizer of the Oktoberfest, is very concerned that everyone, young and old, with and without a handicap, feels welcome at the Wiesn and that visitors with wheelchairs (or health restrictions) also have a blast at the Munich Oktoberfest. In cooperation with the Advisory Council for the Disabled of the City of Munich, a number of actions have been taken to ensure that these measures are up to date and put through. Learn more about this topic in the text below.

5 tips for proper cleaning and longterm care for your Lederhosen

Lederhosen Care & Cleaning

Beer, roast pork and chicken fat – one moment you are enjoying the finest German treats and the next moment there is a stain on your beloved traditional Bavarian leather pants (the Lederhosen). Now what? Even if a pair of Lederhosen can take a lot – after an extensively celebrated Oktoberfest season, it can happen that they need a gentle cleaning. However, simply putting them in the washing machine is usually the wrong way to go. ? In the following you will find our ultimate tips and tricks for the care and cleaning of traditional leather pants. With their help, your Lederhosen remains a purchase for life!

Wiesn gingerbread hearts – origin & recipe of the sweet treats

Oktoberfest Gingerbread Heart Recipe & History

For many decades now, gingerbread has played a huge part in the tradition of Christmas food. The delicious smell from different spices and flavors at the Christmas market is enough to awaken the Christmas spirit in us. But the fine-tasting gingerbread is not only popular around Christmas time, but also as early as September at the Oktoberfest. Whether as a message of love, to tease with cheeky sayings or simply as a souvenir, the gingerbread heart is a big seller at the Wiesn. But why do you find gingerbread hearts everywhere at the Oktoberfest? In the following you will get to know the history of the Oktoberfest gingerbread hearts and a recipe for how you can easily make them yourself at home, for a very personal gift with your own little message.