German Drinking Song “Ein Prosit”

Prosit der Gemütlichkeit Tischreservierung oktoberfest

Your Oktoberfest table reservation is complete? That’s great, however it is still vital to get to learn a few basic skills before your next Oktoberfest visit in 2019! Germany is a country with lots of traditions – especially when it comes to drinking beer. One important basic skill of all bavarian beer drinkers is to […]

The Oktoberfest – When is the best time for a visit?

Oktoberfest bester Zeitpunkt

Those who come for the first time to experience the traditional arrival of the Wiesn landlords on festively decorated horse-drawn carriages at the first Wiesn Saturday, often do not expect that this visit can bring some obstacles with it. Because tourists from all over the world are excited about the start of the festival and […]

The Oktoberfest worldwide: how the Wiesn is celebrated in other countries

Oktoberfest worldwide

As one of the most popular folk festivals in Germany, the Munich Oktoberfest attracts up to 6 million people from all over the world every year. No surprise that the international visitors also would like to have the Oktoberfest at home. For some years now, more and more traditional festivals similar to the Munich Oktoberfest […]

How much does a visit to the Oktoberfest cost? – Saving money at the Oktoberfest 2019

Cheap Oktoberfest family

On September 21, 2019, the motto “O’zapft is” starts again. Be prepared for one thing in particular: A walk across the Wiesn can be an expensive pleasure. Most Wiesn visitors leave several hundred of euros at the Oktoberfest. Here you will find tips on how to get through the Wiesn visit more cheaply. What will […]

Oktoberfest visit as a teambuilding event

Teambuilding Event_Oktoberfestbesuch

A good team consists of many, very different personalities – this is the only way new creative ideas can always emerge. However, this heterogeneity can also lead to misunderstandings. A joint Oktoberfest visit is ideal to strengthen team spirit. Teambuilding event and fun in one! Why is teambuilding important? Every company depends on good internal […]

The Munich Oktoberfest – facts and figures

Oktoberfest facts and figures 2018

„O’zapft is“! – a Bavarian expression, meaning “it’s tapped”. On september 21st, 2019 it starts again: the annual “Wiesn” is back! But, did you ever wonder how many: …items were brought to the lost & found-office? …seats do all tents offer? …seating toilets can be found and how many running meters of urinals are available? […]

Bavarian folk festival traditions

A real Bavarian What is your first thought when you imagine a typical “Bavarian” person? Is it possible to become a Bavarian simply by tackling a list of characteristics and requirements? Of course, it is not that easy – because there is no real Bavarian. Just think of the Franconians, who argue with the Lower Bavarians about […]

Interesting facts about Beer – Everything you need to know about its history, production & beer types

Bierbrauen Oktoberfest

Beer is very popular and consumed all over the world. Especially in Germany, it has a very long tradition. Many regulations have significantly contributed to its quality and taste. This also includes the Purity Law of 1516, according to which only the ingredients water, yeast, hops and malt may be used. After all, it has […]

Business Etiquette Guide for the Oktoberfest 2019


Those who visit the Oktoberfest with their company should act cautiously: Even with wanton mood, it is a business appointment!  1. Dresscode: Do I have to wear “Tracht” (engl. traditional bavarian garbs)? Tips for Women: Of course, the perfect Oktoberfest outfit for women is a pretty “dirndl”. However, inappropriate is a too deep neckline and a […]