What you need to know for the Oktoberfest 2024

Oktoberfest 2022

2024 it’s time again for the Oktoberfest in Munich and over 6 million visitors from all over the world will come! Then waiters and waitresses will be chugging up to 18 measures through the rows of tents again, it smells of roasted almonds and fresh grilled chicken and visitors will cheer “ein Prosit der Gemütlichkeit”.But already when planning the visit to the Oktoberfest some pauxpas can happen. For example, booking a hotel room for the Oktoberfest too late and having to pay high prices shortly before the Wiesn. No matter whether you are a first-time visitor or an experienced Wiesn visitor: For all those who want to avoid long queues in front of the beer tents, fashionable faux pas and other “planning mistakes”, here are essential tips and answers to common questions for a successful Wiesn visit 2024.

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When is the Oktoberfest 2024?

The Oktoberfest 2024 starts punctually on Saturday, September 21st, at noon and ends on Sunday, October 6th, 2024. Why the Oktoberfest starts in September and not only in October, as well as the history of the Oktoberfest, we have clarified in our blog post “Why is the Oktoberfest celebrated in September?“.

When to visit the Oktoberfest 2024?

Especially the Oktoberfest opening, when the mayor taps the first barrel of beer (September 21st, 2024, 12 o’clock) and the closing of the Oktoberfest, when the Wiesn says goodbye with firecrackers and a sea of sparklers, are absolute highlights and well worth seeing. In addition, there are some other special events such as the Italian weekend, the Wiesn church service, the legendary “Gay Sunday” or the “Prosecco Wiesn” in the Fischer-Vroni tent, which are worth a visit. We have compiled the exact Wiesn programme for 2024 for you.

If you would like a little less hustle and bustle, a visit to the Oktoberfest during the week (and especially during daylight) is your best chance to secure your place in the beer tent. A table reservation for 2024 is the easiest way to make sure you get a popular seat in the tent and avoid annoying long queues at the tent entrance (or not get a seat despite a long wait).

Volles Festzelt Oktoberfest Tischreservierung


How much budget for the Oktoberfest 2024?

In principle, admission to the Oktoberfest grounds is free of charge, so your budget depends on your drinking habits, eating and sleeping preferences and whether you are planning wild Oktoberfest attractions (for yourself or your children). However, it can be roughly said that a large part of the costs can be avoided by booking a place to sleep early. We recommend booking a hotel room or similar at least 3-4 months in advance.

The beer price will be around 13 Euro + tip in 2023, depending on the tent. For meals you can be prepared to spend between 7 – 30 Euro for meals of all kinds and sizes. The half “Oktoberfesthendl” (engl. “roasted chicken”) will cost you about 12 Euro. For souvenirs (such as the popular dancing chicken hat) and attractions you can add on quite a bit.

So it’s better to take too much than too little, because the last thing you want to do is to give up your seat to go hunting for an ATM. If you want to avoid this, again, a table reservation solves this problem.


What do I eat as a vegetarian?

As a vegetarian you have no problem (despite the smell of roast chicken and „Schweinebraten“) to discover at least as tasty meat-free Wiesn delicacies. So you should definitely try the popular „Allgäuer Käsespätzle“ (engl. kind of„cheese noodles“), „Sauerkraut Schupfnudeln“ (engl.  „sourcrout potato noodles“) or delicious „Kaiserschmarrn mit Apfelkompott“ (engl. „sugared pancake with raisins and apple sauce“) for dessert. Vegans will also find many options at the Oktoberfest: in 2023, for example, the Herzkasperl festival tent served celery schnitzel with potato lamb’s lettuce or soy medallions in dark beer-onion sauce with potato dumplings and apple red cabbage. You will find a number of other delicacies in our article Veggie-Wiesn: Where to get which vegan and vegetarian delicacies.


Kaiserschmarrn Wiesn vegetarisch


What to wear to the Oktoberfest 2024?

Traditional costume of course! For women this means knee-length dirndls, white blouse, apron and heels or flat shoes. Men in leather trousers, (checked) shirt, traditional costume socks, Haferl shoes and possibly a hat. Here you will find detailed information about the traditional ‘Trachten’ trends for 2024.

But don’t worry if you don’t want to buy a dirndl or leather pants, small accessories such as a traditional hat or a traditional bag can also enhance your outfit and make it suitable for the Oktoberfest.

Dirndl Oktoberfest


How to get to the Oktoberfest 2024?

The Oktoberfest grounds are only a 10-minute walk from Munich Central Station and even shorter by underground from the Theresienwiese stop. Drivers should use the Park & Ride parking spaces on the outskirts of the city. In this way they avoid possible safety diversions and the high traffic volume in the city centre.


Update 2023: Family Heide gives up the traditional festival tent “Bräurosl

Over four generations, the Heide family ran the traditional “Bräurosl” festival tent at the Oktoberfest. In 2020, they regretfully say goodbye. The Hacker Pschorr brewery has already received applications for the succession of the marquee, but the choice of the successor is still unclear.


We hope our answers and tips will help you have a fantastic time at the Oktoberfest 2024. Wiesn beginners often cannot understand the hype about the biggest folk festival in the world. But if you go to the Oktoberfest with an open-minded attitude, willingness to make new acquaintances and with a thirst for the “world’s best” beer, you have the chance to spend the time of your life.

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