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Oktoberfest reservieren | tischreservierung-oktoberfest.de

Reserve a table in the Hacker beer tent at the Oktoberfest 2023

Guests who make a reservation in the Hacker marquee at Munich’s Oktoberfest can be sure of one thing: The locals call this place “Bavarian heaven” for good reason – the starry sky, the cool beer and the familiar sounds of Bavarian music. This heavenly beer tent was completely overhauled under the supervision of Oscar-winning art director Rolf Zehetbauer – resulting in a memorable new interior, ceiling design and stage.

No “Bavarian heaven” would be complete without great food to accompany the refreshing festival beer, and luckily that’s in plentiful supply here. No matter your tastes, a reservation in the Hacker beer tent at the Munich Oktoberfest is always a good choice.

Here you can find more general information about the Oktoberfest table reservation.

Proprietors: Christl and Toni Roiderer
Seating capacity: 6900 inside, 2400 outside
Brewery: Hacker Pschorr
Music: The KIRCHDORFER, Cagey-Strings-Rock’n’-Roll-Band
Special features: Rotating stage in the middle of the tent
Location: StraĂźe 3 (opposite the Augustiner tent)

Currently available table reservations for the Hacker beer tent

Information on the Käfers Wiesn Schänke marquee and table reservations at a glance

Tables can be reserved in advance for the Hacker festival tent at the Oktoberfest. Since the tent operators occupy a large part of the seats with reservations, it is difficult to get a free seat or even a table without a reservation

The Hacker festival tent at the Oktoberfest in Munich has 6900 seats inside the tent and 2400 outside in the beer garden.

The festival beer Hacker Pschorr is served in the Hacker festival tent at the Oktoberfest

In the Hacker beer tent at the Oktoberfest the KIRCHDORFER and the Cagey-Strings-Rock’n’-Roll-Band play on a rotating music podium.