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Our core competencies are in procuring VIP tickets for sold-out events in Europe, mainly focusing on offering full-service VIP arrangements for exclusive sports and cultural events. You can also conveniently book additional extras with us, such as shuttle services, hotel reservations and other extra services. 

Our close-knit network, consisting of partners from the sports and entertainment industry, enables us to procure tickets for every sold-out event.

 We are 100% customer-oriented

The customer comes first with us. We take care of all customer wishes and requirements, making the “impossible” possible in the process. We are also always on-site at large live events (such as the Oktoberfest and Champions League Final) with a team of hostesses and shuttle services available for you on the ground.

Partners and customers

Our customers include large groups from Germany and abroad, small and medium sized companies, concierge services and partner agencies.

Feuerdepot Kunde

“We have been booking our Oktoberfest trips with S.A.M. for the last five years. The top-notch service as well as the fantastic locations of the tables they offer makes every Oktoberfest an unforgettable experience. Most notably, our large group of foreign customers felt really well cared for.”

Schornsteinfachhandel Kunde bei

“Our most recent incentive scheme was a huge success. S.A.M. was able to organize the best places in the central aisle of the Schützenfestzelt tent on a Friday evening.”

Venture Stars Kunde

“S.A.M. managed to organize a VIP table on the first floor of the Käfer Wiesn Schänke for our partners, offering them a truly memorable experience.”

BVS Kunde bei

“We were extremely satisfied with the entire process as well as the location of the seats.”

KIA Kunde bei

“We booked a full-service package. Everything from the shuttle services and hotel to the Oktoberfest tour and VIP service was perfect.”

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