Our offers for business customers at the Oktoberfest

Book your table now for the Oktoberfest 2023 from 16 September to 03 October!

You would like to go to the Wiesn with your company or your business partners? Then you are exactly right with us with table reservations at the Oktoberfest, because for business events a table reservation for the Oktoberfest is simply mandatory!

With your exclusive booking in our shop you will receive promising benefits. For example, choose from a variety of payment options to make your reservation.

Tips for a successful business trip to the Oktoberfest

On excursions of this kind, you want to show yourself at your best as an organizer. We have a few tips here that can help make your trip to the Wiesn a real success!

Customer/employee gifts

Remember to have a giveaway ready for the participants of the business trip to the Oktoberfest. Ideally, small gifts with your branding are a good idea. From gingerbread hearts to wooden clothespins with your company logo – in this respect you can let your imagination run wild.


If you travel further with the company, we recommend renting a bus including a driver to take you safely to the Wiesn and back home.

Special offers for midday

Look for our special offers for lunch at the Oktoberfest. Here you can secure one or the other bargain. A visit at lunchtime is recommended for you if you want to have a quiet and nice conversation. Because there is usually still brass music playing in the tents and the surroundings are a bit quieter compared to the evening time – ideal for an exchange with business partners and customers.

Tent and table selection

Find out which Oktoberfest Tent is most suitable for you and which places are suitable for your excursion with employees and/or business partners. For business meetings, boxes or seats in the gallery are ideal for a quiet conversation or simply to watch the action from above. If you intend to celebrate with your colleagues or business partners in a more relaxed atmosphere, we recommend booking in the central nave.

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Table reservation Oktoberfest offers various possibilities for business matters at the Oktoberfest. No matter if you want to spend some nice hours with your company or with customers and business partners, we offer seating from single tables to sextuple tables in various tents and locations, so that overcrowded tents are no problem for you and your companions.

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In addition to your table reservation for the Oktoberfest, you would like first-class VIP services such as Shuttleservice, guided tour of the Oktoberfest and one exclusive overnight stay in a hotel?
Our attentive staff will be happy to create a perfect arrangement for your visit to the Oktoberfest!

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