Festzelt Fischer Vroni | Tischreservierung-Oktoberfest
Festzelt Fischer Vronie von innen | Tischreservierung-Oktoberfest

General information about the Fischer-Vroni Oktoberfest tent

If you prefer fish over meat, then look no further than a reservation in the Fischer Vroni Oktoberfest tent, a beer tent which has made its name with just that. A vast range of fish is served here, with everything from zander to rainbow trout. However, the most famous and eye-catching dish available here is without doubt the Steckerlfisch – a small fish like a maceral or char skewered on a stick and grilled over a huge open fire. No visitor to Munich’s Oktoberfest should leave without trying it!

This beer tent is best recognized by the stork’s nest in the gable. Meat-lovers shouldn’t hesitate in making a table reservation in the Festhalle Fischer Vroni either, with roast pork, suckling pig and roast veal all delicious inclusions on the menu here, not forgetting the excellent festival beer from the Munich-based Augustiner brewery to wash it all down. The musical accompaniment is provided by a dedicated band led by Sepp Folger and his local musicians. The Fischer Vroni beer tent is a great choice for a laid-back and relaxed Oktoberfest trip complemented by great food and good music.

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Fischer-Vroni Festzelt
Proprietors: Johann and Silvia Stadtmüller
Seating capacity: 2695 inside, 700 outside
Brewery: Augustiner Bräu Wagner KG
Music: Sepp Folger und seine Münchner Musikanten
Special features: Original Steckerlfisch (skewered fish)
Smoking area: Eastern side of the tent, under a rain canopy
Location: Straße 1 (opposite the Schützen-Festzelt and Ochsenbraterei)

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