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General information about the Schützen Festzelt

If you are looking for a beer tent where young and old can sit comfortably side by side, then make a reservation in the Schützen Festzelt, a favorite tent with the Bavarian locals here in Munich. Many visitors head for the Schützen Festzelt for its delicious lunches, then stay to wash down the food with a glass or two of Löwenbrauerei beer.

But why should you choose to make a reservation in the Schützen beer tent at the Oktoberfest? This tent really does Bavarian food the traditional way – think suckling pig served with dark beer sauce and slaw. If that isn’t enough to whet your appetite, here’s another good reason: The Schützen Festzelt, which is one of the oldest tents in the entire Oktoberfest, maintains a memorable tradition – guests can try their hand at ‘Oktoberfestschießen’ shooting across the vast array of shooting ranges.

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Schützen Festzelt
Proprietors: Eduard Reinbold
Seating capacity: 5100 inside, 1400 outside
Brewery: Löwenbräu
Music: The Niederalmer
Special features: Traditional Oktoberfest shooting events
Location: Matthias-Pschorr-Straße (next to Winzerer Fähndl)

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