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The biggest folk festivals in Germany

Oktoberfest Tischreservierung Kettenkarussell

The Germans know how to celebrate. With several thousand folk festivals throughout Germany, the nation invites up to 189 million visitors from all over the world every year. Whether in spring, summer, autumn or winter: every season brings at least one big event. Here we present the six biggest and most popular festivals. Bremer Freimarkt […]

Oktoberfest visitors

Die 5 häufigsten Oktoberfesttypen Freundinnnen

If you are in a relaxed mood, you will meet interesting new people at the Oktoberfest with every new visit. In addition to the very individual visitors, some can be classified into a typical Oktoberfest type cluster on the basis of several clichés. The Munich Oktoberfest is a meeting place for the whole world, from typical celebration tourists, the Wiesn Business Meeting to paparazzi visitors. What type of visitor do you belong to? Here we present the most common types of meadow that you will come across every year.

The Oktoberfest worldwide: how the Wiesn is celebrated in other countries

Oktoberfest worldwide

As one of the most popular folk festivals in Germany, the Munich Oktoberfest attracts up to 6 million people from all over the world every year. No surprise that the international visitors also would like to have the Oktoberfest at home. For some years now, more and more traditional festivals similar to the Munich Oktoberfest […]

Oktoberfest visit as a teambuilding event

Teambuilding Event_Oktoberfestbesuch

A good team consists of many, very different personalities – this is the only way new creative ideas can always emerge. However, this heterogeneity can also lead to misunderstandings. A joint Oktoberfest visit is ideal to strengthen team spirit. Teambuilding event and fun in one! Why is teambuilding important? Every company depends on good internal […]

The Munich Oktoberfest – facts and figures

Oktoberfest facts and figures 2018

„O’zapft is“! – a Bavarian expression, meaning “it’s tapped”. On september 21st, 2019 it starts again: the annual “Wiesn” is back! But, did you ever wonder how many: …items were brought to the lost & found-office? …seats do all tents offer? …seating toilets can be found and how many running meters of urinals are available? […]

Oktoberfest 2019: These are the current Dirndl and Lederhosen trends for the fifth season!

It’s spring – the flowers are springing up, the trees are in bloom, the birds are chirping and the sun generously warms us with its rays. Spring also means that the folk festival season is starting again. High time to look into 2019 costume trends! At the latest 2019 Dirndl and Lederhosen collections the anticipation […]

Planning your first trip to Oktoberfest? With these tips, your Oktoberfest 2019 visit will be a complete success!

Content: What is Oktoberfest? History of Oktoberfest. Opening hours for the beer tents. The best time to go to Oktoberfest. The best survival tips for Oktoberfest. Small Bavarian dictionary. What is Oktoberfest? The Oktoberfest in Munich is the largest public festival in the world. Each year, “the world’s biggest beer festival” attracts millions of visitors […]