Oktoberfest 2023: These are the current Dirndl and Lederhosen trends for the fifth season!

Dirndl Oktoberfest

The Wiesn is the biggest catwalk in the world to proudly present the beloved traditional costumes called Lederhosen and Dirndls! For you are well and stylishly dressed at the Wiesn 2023, we hereby introduce the latest colors and cuts:

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Dirndl trends 2023 – colours and cuts

Last year, soft colors were particularly popular for traditional costumes, the focus laying on pastel shades and light candy colors. However, the traditional costume fashion changes again in the coming year. The selection of Dirndls 2023 will be a mix of soft colors and romantic pastel shades. In addition to the subtle colors, dark Dirndls will set the tone in 2023. Red tones such as bordeaux, purple or juicy berry colors are very popular.  Leaf green or dark blue are also among the Dirndl colors in 2023. It’s all about rediscovery and the revival of the traditional, so to speak, renaissance of “old” materials that are now being used in a “new” way. When it comes to the cuts of the costumes in 2023 turtle-necked Dirndls are once again fashionable. All that in addition to the classic Dirndl dresses that obviously never go out of style. Bodices with stand-up collars and buttoned plackets are a nice way to create an exciting minimalistic look. An alternative to the turtle-necked bodice is a Dirndl with a V-neckline. In combination with a simple blouse with long sleeves or a more noble lace blouse, this fashion statement makes every Dirndl lover’s heartbeat faster.

When it comes to the choice of fabrics for any traditional clothing in 2023, an exciting twist can be observed: the mixing and matching of fabrics. For example, you will encounter tweed tops and spotted cotton skirts with green leather parts to it or a green skirt with gold threads combined to an orange glossy apron. The trend colors range from neutral, gray-silver and muted-pastel tones to a strong orange, violet, dark green and various shades of blue.  But: feel free to wear whatever pleases you! Every person should feel comfortable in their Dirndl and choose the length or cut according to figure!

Lederhosen trends in 2023 – how to perfectly style your Lederhosen outfit

lederhose Tischreservierung Otkoberfest

Men’s fashion in 2023 will be more traditional than last year. That means: traditional Bavarian vests or gilets will be on the rise once again. The brave men dare to wear finely patterned shirts in combination with chic traditional vests. This mixture is charming and has a traditional touch to it. It makes the whole appearance rather extravagant.

There is no need to reinvent the Lederhosen in 2023, as it is perfect to style with whatever you like. However, you can still chose a combination according to the latest Trachten trends. Color wise, that includes the patina of the pants. In 2023 the trendiest choice would be a lighter model. Very much darkened leather pants or, for the particularly fashion-conscious, a light shade of gray would also be a very good choice.

Very traditional, yet always up to date are leather pants with embroidery. Among them falls a selection of somewhat striking embroideries, such as animals or plants. Especially deer motifs are popular in 2023.

In any case, the choice of the traditional shirt or the matching footwear should always be considered when combining leather pants. The classic choice, which actually always looks nice and is timeless, is the combination of leather pants with a white traditional shirt with a stand-up collar. This casual fashion style will remain in 2023. For those who like it cool and lose, a Trachten shirt, which does not only look good with Lederhosen, still remains in trend. If you want to choose the traditional way, combine a plaid traditional shirt with your leather pants. Try to avoid kitschy plaid shirts with exaggerated additional details like artificial buttons that are supposed to imitate wooden buttons. This looks rather cheap and has nothing to do with a traditional costume.

A topic that divides the spirits again and again is which shoes you should combine with your leather pants. The occasion on which you wear your leather pants is a very important factor that you should consider when choosing proper footwear.  As it is the first time in a long while, the Oktoberfest 2023 is an amazing occasion to wear your leather pants again. The footwear options are versatile. The best match for the leather pants are traditional Haferl shoes. Even if you choose Haferl shoes for your outfit, one mistake should be avoided: to forget the socks. It is best to wear coarse knitted woolen traditional socks. A modern alternative to these shoes are sneakers. They look really good with leather pants and add a modern touch to it. Many manufacturers of the Lederhosen now also design their own collection of traditional shoes. If you are planning to buy a new pair of pants, ideally you will be given a selection of shoes that can be combined with them. All of that will help you appear perfectly styled at the Wiesn 2023!


Alternative traditional costume trends 2023 to Dirndl & Lederhosen

traditional costume hat Oktoberfest Accessoires

Some women and men just don’t like to wear a Dirndl or leather pants, which is perfectly okay. If a woman doesn’t feel like wearing a Dirndl, but still wants to create her Oktoberfest look according to the traditional costume trends, she should definitely opt for pastel shades in the same way when choosing colors. How about combining a pair of women’s leather pants with a simple, elegant white blouse and a classy, light gray traditional cardigan with light pink or light-yellow inserts? If you don’t like leather pants, simply choose your favorite jeans to go with your traditional cardigan. With this choice it is equally important not to mix too many styles.

A high-quality blouse or shirt will make an excellent traditional outfit for the Wiesn. When buying a traditional blouse or shirt, pay special attention to the fabric and quality of the material, because polyester fabrics often become uncomfortable very quickly when worn on the skin. Swaying with your friends inside a tent for hours will have you sweating very quickly. Blouses or shirts made of cotton or linen fabrics are a much better choice. In them, you can enjoy the Wiesn days as carefree as possible and they can be worn for many seasons to come!


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