Oktoberfest 2021: These are the current Dirndl and Lederhosen trends for the fifth season!

Dirndl Oktoberfest

The Wiesn is the largest catwalk in the world to proudly present the beloved traditional costumes, Lederhosen and Dirndl!
To make sure that you are all dressed well and stylishly at the Wiesn 2021, we present you here with the latest colours and cuts:

Trachtentrends 2021 | tischreservierung-oktoberfest.de

Dirndl trends 2021 – colours and cuts

Last year, particularly delicate colours were the trend for dirndls, with the focus on pastel shades and light candy colours. In 2021 there is a lot going on in dirndl fashion. It’s all about rediscoveries, revivals of traditional costumes, a renaissance of “old” materials that are now being used in “new” ways. As far as traditional costume cuts are concerned, in 2021, in addition to the classic dirndl dresses that never go out of fashion, high-necked dirndls are still absolutely in vogue. Also prints as patterns on the dirndl fabrics are back in fashion. This year, some Austrian dirndl designers focused especially on deer prints and check patterns.

A particularly wide variety in the range in materials stands out in 2021: for example, you can find tweed in the top and spotted cotton skirt with silk taffeta apron or a green leather top, a green skirt with gold threads and a shiny orange apron. The absolute trend colours go from a colour palette of neutral, grey-silvery to muted pastel shades to a new orange, crimson, dark green and blue shades. But in principle, the rule here is, in is what you like! Every woman should feel comfortable in her dirndl and choose the length or cut according to her figure!

Lederhosen trends 2021 – what do I best combine my lederhosen with?

Lederhosentrends 2021

Although there will be no newly invented Lederhosen 3.0 for the men of creation in 2021, you can still combine them with your favourite leathers to match the trends in traditional costume. In terms of colour, however, as far as men’s lederhosen are concerned, 2021 will see different variations: for example, there are models that are lightened by a certain patina. There are also 2021 darkened lederhosen variants, or for the particularly fashion-conscious a light shade of grey would also be a very good choice.

Lederhosen with embroidery are traditional and always contemporary as well. This year they include even more striking embroidery patterns, particularly from the animal world.  Deer prints are 2021 also very popular among the lederhosen models.

In any case, the choice of the dress shirt or matching footwear with the lederhosen combination should always be taken into account. The classic version, which is timeless and always looks good, is the combination of lederhosen with a white shirt. If you really want to go more in the traditional direction, combine a plaid costume shirt with your lederhosen.  However, avoid kitschy check shirts with exaggerated extra details such as artificial buttons designed to imitate wooden ones. This comes across as trashy very quickly and has nothing to do with traditional costume.

A topic that opinions continue to differ about sharply is that of which shoes combine best with lederhosen. To start off with, the occasion that you wear your lederhosen to is particularly important. The Oktoberfest 2021 is probably probably the best occasion ever to wear lederhosen with pride again. There are numerous footwear possibilities. The best thing to wear is a pair of brogues, but there are many alternatives. However, you can also make a fatal mistake by combining brogues with lederhosen and omitting the socks!  Coarse-knitted woollen costume socks are the best to wear with lederhosen. Yet sneakers can also look really good with lederhosen! Many lederhosen manufacturers have now also designed their own traditional shoe collection. So if you’re planning on acquiring a new pair of lederhosen, let us show you the shoes to combine them with to create a really perfect look for Wiesn 2021!


Alternative Dirndl & Lederhose Costume Trends 2021

traditional costume hat Oktoberfest Accessoires

Some women and men simply don’t like wearing dirndl or lederhosen, which is also perfectly OK.How about the combination of ladies‘ lederhosen with a simple, elegant white blouse and a noble, light grey knitted costume jacket with light pink or light yellow inserts?  If you have basics in earth or grey tones at home, you can also combine just accessories such as a handbag, jewellery or a watch in a soft pastel tone and you’ll be dressed up fashionably on the Wiesn 2021. If you don’t like lederhosen, just wear your favourite jeans with a costume jacket. Here it is also important not to mix too many styles in order not to come across as trashy.

In principle you can put together a super beautiful outfit for Wiesn 2021 with a good blouse or a nice shirt. Check blouses are always in demand when it comes to a costume look. Pay particular attention to the processing and the fabric when buying a traditional blouse or shirt,  as polyester fabrics can often become very unpleasant when worn on the skin. Finally, Wiesn 2021 will be celebrated for hours with dancing and swaying, which can make you break out into a sweat very quickly.  Blouses and shirts from cotton or linen are better, as they’ll survive the entire Wiesn day and be enjoyed for a long time afterwards.


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