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Facts and figures on the Oktoberfest 2019 – we take stock

Lebkuchen Herzen | Tischreservierung Oktoberfest

After 16 days the world’s biggest folk festival ends and we summarize the most important facts. According to approximate estimates of the festival management, 6.3 million guests attended the 186th Oktoberfest, about the same number as in the previous year 2018. 550,000 of them were visitors to the Oidn Wiesn. This is an ideal opportunity […]

Öko-Wiesn – How sustainable the Oktoberfest has been 2019

Oktoberfest bei Nacht Riesenrad Nachhaltigkeit Umweltschutz

If you stroll through the Oktoberfest area, you have the feeling that all this is not environmentally friendly: Carousels spin around and shine to music in bright colors, beer mugs are washed, roasted chicken is grilled. Without electricity, water, and natural gas, nothing would run at the Oktoberfest. Can such an excess be environmentally friendly? […]

The best accessories for dirndls and leather trousers for the Oktoberfest

Trachten Hut | Tischreservierung Oktoberfest

Dirndl and Lederhosen are now a must at the Oktoberfest. Tourists, business persons and of course the locals themselves have Bavarian folk costumes hanging in their closets. But in order to leave a good overall impression at the Oktoberfest, nowadays you need the right accessories in addition to the well-known traditional costume clothing. Women’s accessories […]

Networking and company celebrations at the Oktoberfest: Which Wiesn tent is best suited for your company?

Augustiner Festzelt companies

In Munich and the surrounding area, it has always been a matter of good manners to invite colleagues and business partners to the Oktoberfest. Companies invite their customers, departments go closed to the Oktoberfest. Therefore, every year a large part of the reserved seats at the Oktoberfest are booked by companies. But which Wiesn tent […]

Wiesn Hits 2019 – The best Oktoberfest songs to sing along to

Wiesn Hits 2019 Songs

Stylish dirndls, real lederhosen, delicious beer and of course the right music! Every year on the Wiesn there are one or more Wiesn hits to which people dance and sway on the beer benches. While some remain “one-hit wonders”, others are indispensable in beer tents. Whether an evening with friends, business appointment or family visit, […]

How to do Business and Networking at the Oktoberfest

Networking Oktoberfest

Especially during the week, table reservations for the Oktoberfest are very popular for business people, because the visitors, who are primarily for partying and drinking on the Wiesn, mostly lead to crowds on weekends and in the course of that to overcrowded tents. Business people therefore do themselves a favour by arranging their visit to […]

The most practical apps for visiting the Oktoberfest

App Oktoberfest woman on mobile phone

It won’t be long before it’s “O’t tapped” again. From 21 September to 6 October, the 186th Oktoberfest opens its doors again on the Theresienwiese. Many visitors from different countries visit the largest folk festival in the world every year. Whether you are a newcomer to Wiesn or an experienced guest, a table reservation at […]

Cheers to marketing: How to use the Oktoberfest for your business

Oktoberfest business marketing products

The Oktoberfest is not only regarded as an annual event for many private people; business people also like to gather at the largest folk festival in the world – whether as a business meeting with customers or as a company outing among colleagues. Adapt product range and strengthen business relationships with small gifts Another possibility […]

The biggest folk festivals in Germany

Oktoberfest Tischreservierung Kettenkarussell

The Germans know how to celebrate. With several thousand folk festivals throughout Germany, the nation invites up to 189 million visitors from all over the world every year. Whether in spring, summer, autumn or winter: every season brings at least one big event. Here we present the six biggest and most popular festivals. Bremer Freimarkt […]

German Drinking Song “Ein Prosit”

Prosit der Gemütlichkeit Tischreservierung oktoberfest

Your Oktoberfest table reservation is complete? That’s great, however it is still vital to get to learn a few basic skills before your next Oktoberfest visit in 2019! Germany is a country with lots of traditions – especially when it comes to drinking beer. One important basic skill of all bavarian beer drinkers is to […]