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Bavarian cuisine: The 8 best Oktoberfest recipes for cooking at home

Whether savory food, sweet dessert or little treats to go – the Wiesn is a true gourmet’s paradise. Unfortunately, this year the popular Oktoberfest won’t take place. Nevertheless, you don’t have to miss out on the delicacies from the Munich Wiesn. Be inspired by our 8 recipes and bring the dishes to your home. The Bavarian cuisine offers an extensive range of delights, especially for meat fans, but vegetarians and dessert lovers will also find plenty recipes to enjoy. We wish “an Guadn” (Bavarian expression for “bon appétit”)! 🥨 🥘. 🍖

With these Bavarian films you can already look forward to the Oktoberfest 2021

Bavarian movies

Wiesn fans will have to wait a year longer this time until the next Oktoberfest. We selected a variety of Bavarian Classics for you to watch while you wait – from comedy to crime thrillers. You can also enjoy the cheap fees of Netflix, Amazon Prime & Co. while at the same time avoiding the Oktoberfest curfew! Another great thing you can take advantage of are the low beer prices you will pay for your beer at home. Continue reading for the best Bavarian movies that will make you look forward to the Oktoberfest 2021. 🎬. 🍻

The perfect Oktoberfest party 2020 – how to get Wiesn flair at home

This year is very different. Besides cancelled festivals and postponed concerts, the Munich Wiesn will unfortunately also be cancelled in 2020. But no reason to be sad! Invite your friends and get the Oktoberfest in your own four walls. With these tips you can create a Bavarian flair – no matter where you live.

Wiesn time: How to get an accommodation in Munich

München Oktoberfest Unterkunft Hotel

Finding affordable accommodation in Munich during the Oktoberfest period is not easy. Those who search for holiday apartments or hotel rooms too late will go away empty-handed or strain their wallets unnecessarily. But there are some cheap alternatives if you book early enough. Here you will find helpful tips on how to find a place to sleep. 💤 🛌

The best accessories for dirndls and leather trousers for the Oktoberfest

Trachten Hut | Tischreservierung Oktoberfest

Dirndl and Lederhosen are now compulsory at the Oktoberfest. Tourists, business people and of course the locals themselves have Bavarian costume hanging in their closets. But in order to make a good overall impression at the Oktoberfest, nowadays you need the right accessories in addition to the well-known traditional costume. Read more!