The Oktoberfest – When is the best time for a visit?

Oktoberfest bester Zeitpunkt

Those who come for the first time to experience the traditional arrival of the Wiesn landlords on festively decorated horse-drawn carriages at the first Wiesn Saturday, often do not expect that this visit can bring some obstacles with it. Because tourists from all over the world are excited about the start of the festival and are waiting hours before Wiesn opening at the entrances of the Oktoberfest tents. If you want to be present at the official Oktoberfest beginning on the first Saturday, you should be aware that it can become even more crowded and even tighter than on the other weekends. But not only at the Wiesn tap, also at the other weekends many tents have to be closed again shortly after the opening due to overcrowding. Also the beer gardens are closed a lot of times during the Saturday afternoons. Without a table reservation only a small chance of success on a table exists.

Oktoberfest best time good weather

1. Be flexible with the date

okotberfest visit best time

Especially on the second Oktoberfest weekend, visitors have to be prepared for long waiting queues at the tent entrances, standing places or even closed festival tents due to overcrowding. On the second Wiesn weekend, which is traditionally called the Italian weekend, the Oktoberfest welcomes around 200,000 arriving Italians to the Theresienwiese. Traffic jam warnings and information about free parking spaces will even be transmitted via Italian radio. For flexible visitors who do not necessarily insist on placing their Oktoberfest visit on the first Saturday for the official Wiesn start, we will give a few tips on the best time to visit an Oktoberfest where   you can grab one of the much sought-after tables.

2. Use the cancellations of other guests

If you haven’t already made a table reservation for the Oktoberfest next year at the end of the last Oktoberfest season, you will soon notice that the tables in the central section of the tents are already fully booked, especially in the popular tents 9 months before the start. But this fact is no reason to give up. Because early reservations mean that some visitors have to cancel their reservations for various reasons. Regular research on the booking portals is therefore worthwhile in order to secure tables that have suddenly become vacant. Our shop gives you user-friendly listings after tent, date and time and a stress-free possibility of reserving a table at the Oktoberfest.

3. Flexibility in table selection

Even at the existing reserved tables, it can happen at short notice that the guests do not need the full number of rented seats. Here it is important to ask in a friendly manner whether you could join them in the free corner. Frequently, nice Oktoberfest acquaintances can arise by the way.

4. Presence when changing reservations

Since the tables in the festival tents can only be rented for a certain period of time, it is worthwhile to arrive at the tent entrance at the table change, which takes place in the evening shift between 4.30 p.m. and 5 p.m., and to hope that some table reservations will not be taken into account after all. In the case of a delay, the seats will be available for other visitors.

Oktoberfest best time to visit 5. The bad weather trap

Days with bad weather forecasts such as rain or thunderstorms, many visitors, hoping to find empty tents, believe the ideal visit day. However, this should be done with caution, because many visitors have this idea in mind. In addition, in the event of rain or thunderstorms, many people prefer not to go for a walk across the meadows at the stands and rides and stay inside the tents only. Although outside the fairground and the rides areempty, the tents are overcrowded in bad weather.

6. Avoid the weekend

Another basic recommendation is to visit the festival during the week between Monday and Thursday. Since Munich residents and tourists prefer to choose the weekend, the Wiesn has the lowest visitor density during the week. Especially in the afternoon there is a pleasant atmosphere where you can celebrate the famous Volksfest without overcrowding.

7. A visit to the Oide Dult

In a separate area of the Theresienwiese, visitors of the Oide Dult can experience the nostalgia and long tradition of the Oktoberfest. For the 3 Euro entrance fee, the rides and stands are somewhat cheaper than on the rest of the festival grounds. Here you can enjoy the mass of beer in a quiet and pleasant atmosphere. The Oide Dult is therefore especially suitable for families with children.


If, despite these tips, you still want to be on the safe side of being able to drink your beer at a popular beer table, you will find the ideal oktoberfest table reservation for every occasion of your Oktoberfest by visiting our online shop.

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