Oktoberfest visitors

Die 5 häufigsten Oktoberfesttypen Freundinnnen

If you are in a relaxed mood, you will meet interesting new people at the Oktoberfest with every new visit. In addition to the very individual visitors, some can be classified into a typical Oktoberfest type cluster on the basis of several clichés. Here we present the most common types.

The biggest folk festivals in Germany

Oktoberfest Tischreservierung Kettenkarussell

The Germans know how to celebrate. With several thousand folk festivals throughout Germany, the nation invites up to 189 million visitors from all over the world every year. Whether in spring, summer, autumn or winter: every season brings at least one big event. Here we present the six biggest and most popular festivals.

The most practical apps for visiting the Oktoberfest

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When you are at the Wiesn for the first time – whether privately, with the company or with business partners – it is often a challenge to find your way around. Meanwhile, there are enough apps that make your visit easier or give it that certain something. Below are a few mobile applications and their functions and usefulness.

How to do Business and Networking at the Oktoberfest

Networking Oktoberfest

Early planning is crucial for a smooth flow of a group visit to the Oktoberfest. Shortly after the end of last year’s Oktoberfest, many companies take care of finding suitable accommodation and table reservations in their favourite Oktoberfest tent for the following year. Read here what else is important for Oktoberfest networking!

Networking and company celebrations at the Oktoberfest: Which Wiesn tent is best suited for your company?

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In Munich and the surrounding area, it has always been part of good manners to invite colleagues and business partners to the Oktoberfest. Companies invite their customers, departments go to the Oktoberfest closed. Read here which tent is the best for your company!