The best accessories for dirndls and leather trousers for the Oktoberfest

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Dirndl and Lederhosen are now a must at the Oktoberfest. Tourists, business persons and of course the locals themselves have Bavarian folk costumes hanging in their closets. But in order to leave a good overall impression at the Oktoberfest, nowadays you need the right accessories in addition to the well-known traditional costume clothing.

Traditional costume accessories

Women’s accessories for traditional costumes

For women there is a large selection of fashionable traditional costume accessories for the Wiesn. From fashionable necklaces to hair accessories and traditional costume bags, there are many different possibilities that make the Wiesn outfit for the ladies unique.


Irrespective of the traditional costume, every woman probably owns a handbag. For Dirndl or Lederhosen of the woman there are also special traditional costume bags, so that mobile phone, keys, money and lipstick can be easily stowed away. The smaller the bag, the more practical it is. If you need a little more space, you can also take a traditional backpack with you. Otherwise, shoulder bags in various shapes (heart or square) are very popular.

Hair decoration

During the Oktoberfest season, weaving figures are ideal. Satin ribbons can add that certain something to a smart braided hairstyle. Even small pins, in color harmony with the Dirndl, give the traditional outfit a wow effect. In addition to hair ornaments, women can also wear traditional hats. In the last years you can find this fashionable garment more and more at the Oktoberfest.

Traditional bracelet

In addition to the often worn traditional necklaces, chic bracelets complete the traditional outfit. It should ideally match the worn necklace, if possible in a similar look. The bracelet does not always have to be silver, leather bracelets can also be a fashionable upgrade to the Dirndl.

Men’s accessories for traditional costumes

Naturally, leather trousers come with a – mostly checked – shirt. But that’s not all. Because it is also important for men to have the right accessories for the traditional costume.

Traditional vest

The traditional vest (Bavarian: “Trachtenleiberl”) enjoyed in the past years more and more popularity. It can be used in various costume combinations. Linen, leather or satin are the most commonly used fabrics for a traditional vest. Depending on the type, it can be worn open or buttoned up.

Belt in traditional costume

traditional costume belt
Traditional costume belt for leather trousers

The wide leather belt should completely fill the loops. If the leather trousers do not have braces, it is a popular accessory for men’s costumes. Usually the belt buckle is very eye-catching in colours such as silver or bronze and decorated with various motifs. This includes stags, emblems or certain initials.


The ‘Charivari’ (Bavarian expression for a chain with charms, which is attached to the leather trousers) is the perfect accessories for male costume fashion. The silver chain with several charms is attached to the drop fly of the leather trousers. A ‘Charivari’ is a must-have for fashion-conscious costume fans who want an eye-catcher for their traditional outfit. Originally, the ‘Charivari’ represented special hunting trophies or hung various parts of the hunt on them, such as bird claws or wild animal paws. Of course, imitations are mostly used in shops for the specimens to be bought.


Traditional hat

traditional costume hat Oktoberfest Accessoires
Traditional costume hat for men

The hat completes the outfit with style. The ‘Gamsbart’ (Bavarian expression for ‘goatee beard’, whether real or a deceptively real imitation) must not be missing. Archduke Johann of Austria was a passionate hunter and so the tradition of presenting a ‘Gamsbart’ on his hat as a trophy – similar to the Charivari – was born.

No matter if man or woman, with Dirndl or Lederhosen alone it is not done. Take your time in the search for suitable accessories for your traditional costume and then make your way to the Oktoberfest. We will find the right place for you! Reserve your table at the Oktoberfest in a tent of your choice. All you have to do is choose the outfit you want.

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