The most practical apps for visiting the Oktoberfest

App Oktoberfest woman on mobile phone

Many visitors from different countries visit the largest folk festival in the world every year. Whether you are a newcomer to Wiesn or an experienced guest, a table reservation at the Oktoberfest has become a “must-do” when it comes to making your visit as pleasant as possible. When you visit the Wiesn for the first time – be it privately, with the company or with business partners – it is often a challenge to find your way around. Or you are a diligent Oktoberfest visitor and would like to score points with well-founded specialist knowledge and funny Wiesn facts (read our The most bizarre facts about the Oktoberfest). Meanwhile there are enough apps to make your visit easier or give you that certain something. Below are a few mobile applications and their functions and usefulness.

App Oktoberfest woman on mobile phone

MVG Fahrinfo – Information on public transport timetables

Since many business travellers stay in an accommodation in Munich to visit the Oktoberfest, they have to get from there to the Theresienwiese. No problem with public transport! Munich has a well developed transport network, so that all passengers can do without their own car or even a taxi, especially during the Oktoberfest season. The app “MVG Fahrinfo” gives information about the routes and travel times of tram, bus as well as U- and S-Bahn and is therefore ideal for planning the outward and return journey to and from the Oktoberfest.

myTaxi – Comfortably approaching your way home

If it is a little later and no public transport is available or you want to be driven directly to the front door, the app of “myTaxi” is recommended. In this way you can easily order a taxi, calculate the fare and watch the taxi arrive.

Oktoberfest – The Official App of the City of Munich

Of course there is also an official app around the biggest folk festival in the world. The latest news will be published here and a map of the site will be made available. You can search for tents and rides and all dates and events in and around the Oktoberfest are recorded.

JodelCam Oktoberfest – Discover the Bavarian in you

JodelCam Oktoberfest” provides entertainment of a different kind. With this Wiesn app you can combine your videos with yodels or other typical Bavarian sounds. The focus here is not on seriousness, but on the fun factor. Regardless of whether you are looking for rustic folk songs or smart sayings, there are many different ways to edit videos of yourself or friends.

Wiesn FindMe – Meeting point with friends wanted – and easily found

Apps Oktoberfest Business Man Mobile Phone

With large crowds it is often complicated to find each other. With all this noise, it’s difficult to find a meeting point by telephone and if you are not an experienced Wiesn visitor, it’s even more problematic. The app “Wiesn FindMe” has a map of the Oktoberfest and many marquees in which you can mark any location or desired meeting point and then send it as an image file. This is all very simple and without GPS coordinates – you just need to know where you are.

An uncomplicated and smooth visit to the meadow also includes the prior organisation of a tent table. With table reservations for the Oktoberfest, the problems occurring on site can easily be solved with a tent and place search. A successful excursion to the Oktoberfest does not only include a pleasant arrival and departure or networking with other visitors, but also a good choice of place and stress-free planning.

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