Oktoberfest visitors

Die 5 häufigsten Oktoberfesttypen Freundinnnen

The most 5 frequent types of Wiesn visitors

If you are in a relaxed mood, you will meet interesting new people at the Oktoberfest with every new visit. In addition to the very individual visitors, some can be classified into a typical Oktoberfest type cluster on the basis of several clichés. The Munich Oktoberfest is a meeting place for the whole world, from typical celebration tourists, the Wiesn Business Meeting to paparazzi visitors. What type of visitor do you belong to? Here we present the most common types of meadow that you will come across every year.

1. The party tourist

He looks for the party no matter where, no matter when and no way is too far for him. Whether at the Ballermann on Mallorca, at the Cologne Carnival, the Spring Break in Croatia or in September every year at the Münchner Wiesn, he won’t miss any occasion to celebrate. One recognizes the party tourist by his quite high alcohol level and his everlasting good mood. He cheers with everyone, is very generous in buying beer and makes new contacts with everyone. Jetlag and tiredness cannot be hidden in his weak moments, which is why the party tourist has to take a nap at the beer table every now and then before he can dance through the night in top form again.

2. Business meeting

It’s easier to negotiate with one or two litres of beer. But be careful, business meetings at the Munich Oktoberfest still require the highest concentration. Whether a meeting with colleagues or a planned big deal with business partners, the Oktoberfest in the upper tent areas also offers the opportunity for more serious and quiet conversations. But the most important thing is to replace the suit with a pair of ‘Lederhosen’ and the stylish blazer with a ‘Dirndl‘. Unlike the party tourist, the Oktoberfest business visitor likes to stay among himself and his people and, in extremely rare cases, mixes himself in the middle of the hustle and bustle. In addition to several litres of beer, the businessman usually doesn’t forget to let a sumptuous meal run through the business expense account. But to get a table at the Oktoberfest can sometimes turn out to be quite difficult. Especially for business appointments or Oktoberfest visits, it is a good idea to reserve a table in advance.

During business visits to the Wiesn, the atmosphere is often relaxed, but keep in mind that it is and will remain a business appointment. Our Oktoberfest business etiquette guide gives helpful tips & tricks on how to turn the Oktoberfest into a true career booster.


3. The Munich born

He is annoyed by the many tourists and yearns for the good old days when the price of liquid gold was still far below the 10 Euro (or German Mark) mark.

But even if his Oktoberfest visit consists of a lot of swearing and nagging, for the Munich native an escape from the local folk festival is out of the question. Instead, he tries to get a table from his local contacts in order to be able to drink his beer at one of the coveted beer tables, at least away from the hustle and bustle.





4. The family gang

A sunny morning and the Wiesn are flooded with parents and their kids.


Dressed in miniature ‘Dirndl’ and ‘Lederhosen’, they are hardly impressed by the long queues at the beer tents. Because thanks to a carousel, a ghost train, candy floss and perhaps a bag of roasted almonds for dessert, the little guests at the Oktoberfest in Munich don’t miss out either. That they often overstrain the nerves or purse of their tortured parents with their wishes, plays for the small Oktoberfest explorers not a big role.

With these in turn, there are now doubts as to whether it would not have been more stress-free to invest the costs for the merry-go-round in several measures of beer with their friends at the Oktoberfest.


5. The (C-)celebrity

See and be seen and come what may, get the full attention. The Oktoberfest is one of the highlights of the year for the C celebrity and he sees the big chance to finally be in the limelight again. Depending on the degree of popularity, the (C-) celebrity can be found either in Käfer’s Wiesn Schänke or, if admission is no longer granted there, in the two other celebrity tents, the Kufflers Weinzelt or the Marstall. With more chances of admission, the probability of a large number of paparazzi photos and autograph requests increases. If there is no camera in reachable proximity, the (C-) celebrity keeps a low profile and thinks about his next big performance opportunity.

Which Wiesn type are you? As you can see, the Munich Oktoberfest is a folk festival for every taste. Every year the world is united here by celebrating together. Which Oktoberfest type do you belong to?

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