The official Oktoberfest poster 2020 is here: Pink nostalgic look and retro charm

Oktoberfest 2020 Plakat

Each year, at the beginning of spring, the official Wiesnplakat is presented to the public. A jury selects the most beautiful poster from the submitted designs. This Oktoberfest poster competition has been organized by the city of Munich since 1952. The winner as well as the second and third place winners receive prize money. The official Oktoberfest poster is also especially important for fans and collectors, as the poster design will appear on the popular Oktoberfest souvenirs and on the official Oktoberfest beer mug.

Oktoberfest 2020 poster

Oktoberfest poster 2019

Last year, a real Münchner Kindl won the vote for the best poster – communication designer Mirjam Mößmer. The poster depicted a hodgepodge of symbols such as a beer mug, a heart, a Ferris wheel and a pretzel. The colours were light blue and pink. This is a so-called hidden object picture, i.e. a large picture that shows many different elements and / or actions in one picture. Thus the designer combined all kinds of meadow symbols for searching and discovering in one picture.

Oktoberfest poster 2020

This year, 207 designs were submitted, 68 of them made it into the public vote and finally the 30 most popular were presented to a jury.

In the end, a design by Ulrich Peter, who owns a graphic design office in Kaufbeuren, won the competition. His design consisted of a large pretzel with finely drawn details. This is how in 2020 the poster differs from the designs of recent years, which were rather rough drawings without many squiggles and details. Around the pretzel there are eight meadow symbols like a big wheel on blue ribbons. The pretzel almost looks like a ferris wheel with gondolas hanging from it. The whole thing in front of a pink sky, on which the Bavarian rhombuses are faintly visible. Since last year’s Oktoberfest already saw rainbow flags (for tolerance, respect and diversity, used by the LGBTI* anti-discrimination community), a pink poster is now a fitting statement.

You are curious to see what the poster 2022 will look like? As every year, the city of Munich published the winning poster on its homepage.

Click here for the Munich Oktoberfest poster 2020


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