With these Bavarian movies you can already look forward to the Oktoberfest 2022

Oktoberfest movies

Wiesn fans will have to wait a year longer this time until the next Oktoberfest. We selected a variety of Bavarian Classics for you to watch while you wait – from comedy to crime thrillers. You can also enjoy the cheap fees of Netflix, Amazon Prime & Co. while at the same time avoiding the Oktoberfest curfew! Another great thing you can take advantage of are the low beer prices you will pay for your beer at home. Continue reading for the best Bavarian movies that will make you look forward to the Oktoberfest 2022.

filmabend freunde wiesn
Invite a few friends to your home and be inspired by our movie tips – from comedy to crime thriller!


Winterkartoffelknödel (Winter Potato Dumplings) (1st part, 2014) and the whole series of filmed Eberhofer crime novels

„Winterkartoffelknödel“ is the first of a total of six movies (Dampfnudelblues, Schweinskopf al dente, Grießnockerlaffäre, Sauerkrautkoma, Leberkäsjunkie) from the Eberhofer book series by Rita Falk. The scenes of Niederkaltenkirchen (a made up town) were mainly shot in the small Lower Bavarian community of Frontenhausen, Munich and on Tenerife. The movie series contains a number of bizarre deaths which the provincial police officer Franz Eberhofer investigates with the help of his friend, the private detective Rudi Birkenberger. At the same time, Eberhofer has to deal with personal problems such as struggles with his parents and his on-and-off relationship with his girlfriend Susi.


An absolute Classic: Xaver und sein auĂźerirdischer Freund (Xaver and his alien friend)

Xaver and his alien friend is a comedy movie in Upper Bavarian dialect shot in 1985, which combines science fiction elements with witty humor.

The protagonist Xaver finds himself in a rather stressful situation: his village community treats him as an outsider. If that wasn’t enough; he has to flee his home because he is accused of arson. While fleeing, something astonishing happens: an alien spaceship crashes in the forest. He greets the pilot of the UFO and calls him Loisl (Alois). Xaver decides to take Loisl home and teach him Bavarian traditions – including the legendary drinking culture, of course! After some time together the alien starts to feel homesick, so he needs to get his spaceship repaired as soon as possible.

Filme Oktoberfest
Great atmosphere also at home!


Oktoberfest – The movie (2005)

In this movie, an unlikely mix of people from different nationalities and backgrounds happens right between party tents, shops and rides. On the last day of Oktoberfest, a Wiesn waitress, a Wiesn musician, Italians on their bachelor party, a family from Munich, a Japanese couple on their honeymoon, two friends from Hamburg and a family of showmen happen to cross paths. The waitress is very stressed, while her husband, the musician, can’t resist the seducing of an Australian woman. Elsewhere, a young man gets into a moral conflict because of a forbidden flirtation and suddenly has to comfort a quiet Japanese woman on her honeymoon whose husband drank too much. The Oktoberfest police station faces a bomb threat that brings back memories of the 1980 bombing.

An episodic ensemble movie by Johannes Brunner that sketches the fates of 24 characters on the last day of the Oktoberfest. An emotional rollercoaster until at the end it is time to say: Arrivederci, Goodbye, Sayonara and Goodbye, until next year!


In München steht ein Hofbräuhaus (In Munich stands a brewery)

In Munich stands a brewery is a German black-and-white comedy movie by Siegfried Breuer shot in 1951. The well-known Hofbräuhaus song, which is one of the most popular German entertainment songs today, was used as the theme song in the movie.

Berlin lifestyle meets the Munich mindset – an inheritance dispute between a family from Munich and a family from Berlin. At the Oktoberfest the manufacturer Otto Kackelmann from Berlin sets up his lemonade shop in front of the ‘Schottenhamel’ under the banner ‘Berlin helps Munich’.  This is an unbearable provocation for his cousin Gustl Wurzinger, the Hofbräuhaus tenant. The two have been rivals since their youth. But then Wurzinger’s son Peter and Kackelmann’s daughter Lotte fall in love with each other and the situation seems to escalate. Will there be a reconciliation between the two families from Munich and Berlin?


Bierfest (Beer Festival)

Beer Festival is an American comedy from 2006 and it was produced by the ensemble “Broken Lizard” (Super Troopers, Club Mad). World-famous actors like Jürgen Prochnow or Donald Sutherland are part of the cast.

The two American brothers Jan and Todd Wolfhouse are to fly to Munich after the death of their German grandfather to pay their respect and bury his urn. After all, the grandfather’s last will and testament was to finally rest in his hometown, at the world-famous Oktoberfest. But suddenly the urn disappears, and the two brothers find themselves among members of an old club: the beer festival. In this club a huge variety of nations compete in drinking. Jan and Todd take part in the competition but lose ruefully. Of course, they can’t bear the shame and swear to return to Munich next year to restore their family honor.

A great film to laugh about two characters that don’t take themselves too seriously. It is furthermore interesting to see the clichĂ©s and stereotypes of one’s own nation represented in the rest of the world.

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