Ochsenbraterei reservieren | tischreservierung-oktoberfest
Ochsenbraterei Festzelt reservieren | tischreservierung-oktoberfest

Reserve a table in the Ochsenbraterei tent at the Oktoberfest 2023

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A majestic oversized ox peers down at visitors from high above the entrance to this imposing Oktoberfest (Octoberfest or Munich beer festival) tent – it should therefore come as little surprise that a reservation in the Ochsenbraterei beer tent is an ideal choice for meat lovers!

90 oxen are consumed every year on average in the Spaten brewery’s beer tent. All of the oxen are certified organic and selected individually by the proprietor beforehand. By the way, a reservation in this Oktoberfest tent is not only great for meat-lovers: Since 2016 the tent has also offered vegan dishes to visitors – all organically certified of course.

Traditional Bavarian brass music underscores the action during the day, with all the familiar beer fest classics being played after dark. Nevertheless, the real attraction of making a reservation in the Ochsenbraterei tent is undoubtedly the roasted ox – a ‘must’ for all meat-eating guests to Munich’s Oktoberfest.

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Ochsenbraterei (seit 1881)
Proprietors: Anneliese Haberl and Antje Schneider
Seating capacity: 5950 inside, 1600 outside
Brewery: Spaten
Music: Oktoberfestkapelle Mathias Achatz
Special features: Certified organic meat and veg; vegan dishes
Smoking area: Yes: Covered (in front of the reservation entrance)
Location: Straße 2 (between the Fischer-Vroni and Augustiner tents)

Currently available table reservations for the Ochsenbraterei beer tent

Information on the Ochsenbraterei marquee and table reservations at a glance

Tables can be reserved in advance for the Ochsenbraterei tent at the Oktoberfest. Since the tent operators occupy a large part of the seats with reservations, it is difficult to get a free seat or even a table without a reservation.

The Ochsenbraterei beer tent at the Oktoberfest in Munich has 5950 seats inside the tent and 1600 outside in the beer garden.

The Spaten festival beer is served in Ochsenbraterei marquee at the Oktoberfest

In the Ochsenbraterei beer tent at the Oktoberfest the Oktoberfest Chapel Mathias Achatz play music.