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Reserve table for Oktoberfest 2024

Our shop for Oktoberfest table reservations has an extensive offer for visitors of the "Wiesn". Before you go to the Oktoberfest on a day from 21st of September to the 6th of October 2024 without prior table reservation, you better rummage in our shop - we are sure you will find the right tent for you.

Our diverse selection makes it possible that you don not have to limit yourself to just the offer of one tent, you can inquire about all tents of the Oktoberfest in advance and then choose your favourite one. Often criteria such as the brewery serving the beer, the concert band and of course the location or availability of a table are decisive for the choice of the beer tent.

A reservation in advance makes a stress-free visit to the Oktoberfest possible. So you can confidently stroll along the Theresienwiese without prior or subsequent hectic table searching in a tent that might have one table available. Have a relaxed visit in a group, without the danger that not everyone has a seat in the same beer tent, and if they do, then perhaps not at the same table. So take advantage of an Oktoberfest table reservation and book your favourite spot in any tent you like.

With our shop for your Oktoberfest table reservation you can secure your favourite ambience. Business customers, companies as well as private groups will find a suitable offer for Oktoberfest table reservations in the online shop.