Wiesn Hits – The best Oktoberfest songs to sing along to

Wiesn Hits 2019 Songs

Stylish dirndls, real lederhosen, delicious beer and of course the right music! Every year on the Wiesn there are one or more Wiesn hits to which people dance and sway on the beer benches. While some remain “one-hit wonders”, others are indispensable in beer tents. Whether an evening with friends, business appointment or family visit, Bavarian or tourist, you must know these hits. For example, “Atemlos” by Helene Fischer, “Hulapalu” by Andreas Gabalier or “So a schöner Tag (Fliegerlied)” by Donikkl have created a top atmosphere in recent years. But which song has the potential for the next Wiesn hit?

So that you can impress with text certainty at the Oktoberfest and have the right music for your own Wiesn party, we have compiled a list of absolute classics of pop songs and hits. One catchy tune chases the next and we deliver an absolute singing along guarantee:

Wiesn Hits 2019 Songs

Wiesn hit 2018
“Cordula Green” by Austrian singer Josh

In 2018 the ballad “Cordula Grün” by Viennese singer Josh placed first on the Wiesn hit list. The singer didn’t plan it to write an Oktoberfest hit and he doesn’t fit into the classic Wiesn-Hit scheme, but he is a catchy song in any case. But who is “Cordula Gün”, who in the official video clip is represented by a green rag doll? According to the singer, the famous lady doesn’t even exist. One day he thought that he would like to do a song about girls and colours. The result was: Cordula Grün.
Fun Fact: A woman with this name exists in reality. She recently contacted singer Josh. and now has free admission to his concerts.

„Cordula Grün
Cordula Grün
Cordula Grün
Ich hab‘ dich, ich hab‘ dich, ich hab‘ dich
Cordula Grün
Du bist nur schwer zu verstehen
Cordula Grün
Ich würd‘ dich gern wiedersehen
Cordula Grün
Ich hab‘ dich, ich hab‘ dich, ich hab‘ dich
Ich hab‘ dich tanzen gesehen“

English Translation:

“Cordula Green
cordula green
cordula green
I got you, I got you, I got you
cordula green
You’re hard to understand
cordula green
I’d like to see you again
cordula green
I got you, I got you, I got you
I’ve seen you dance”

Wiesn-Hit 2016 and 2017

Andreas Gabaliers “Hulapalu”

Already in the past years the song of Schlager singer Andreas Gabalier was not to be had without and also in 2021 it will certainly be sung on the beer benches. What exactly “Hulapalu” should mean is still not completely clear, but it shouldn’t be “completely youth-free” and the singer himself explained with a smile: “Everyone has to think for himself”. The chorus is in any case quickly learnt and also other unfortunately from Gabalier, such as the song “Verdammt lang her” or “I sing a Liad für di”, should be present in every song repertoire of a Wiesn visitor.

„Hodi odi ohh di ho di eh
Hodi odi ohh di ho di eh
Hodi odi ohh di ho di eh
Hodi odi ohh di eh
Du host du gsagt
und du hab i gedacht
wasd nur du mit mir machst
wenn nur du für mi lachst
I und du und nur der Mond schaut zu
Dann sagst du Hulapalu, Hulapalu, Hulapalu“

English Translation:

“Hodi odi ohh di ho di eh
Hodi odi ohh di ho di eh
Hodi odi ohh di ho di eh
Hodi odi ohh di eh
You said
and you i thought
what are you doing to me
if only you laugh for mi
I and you and only the moon watches us
Then you say Hulapalu, Hulapalu, Hulapalu”

Wiesn-Hit 2014 and 2015

Long-lasting burner “Breathless through the night” by Helene Fischer

Everybody knows him by now and he was omnipresent: Helene Fischer’s “Breathless through the Night” was an indispensable part of every tent. No matter in which tent you enjoyed your cool beer, at least once during every beer the song ran. So the lyrics were quickly internalized and also in 2021 you will be able to sing them in the beer tents – in every situation.

„Atemlos durch die Nacht
Bis ein neuer Tag erwacht
Atemlos einfach raus
Deine Augen zieh’n mich aus

Atemlos durch die Nacht
Spür‘ was Liebe mit uns macht
Atemlos, schwindelfrei
Großes Kino für uns zwei“

English Translation:

“Breathless through the night
until a new day awakes
breathlessly easy out
Your eyes take me off

Breathless through the night
feel what love does to us
breathless, free of vertigo
Great cinema for us two”

Timeless classics – the greatest Oktoberfest hits of all time

There are songs that really must not be missed at the Oktoberfest. We have 20 of the ultimate Oktoberfest songs here:

1. Alfons Bauer & His Hofbräu Entertainers – „In München steht ein Hofbräuhaus“
2. Chris Boettcher – „10 Meter geh“
3. Die Toten Hosen – „Tage wie diese“
4. DJ Ötzi– „Hey Baby“
5. Hubert von Goisern – „Brenna tuats guat“
6. Jürgen Drews – „Ich bau Dir ein Schloss“
7. Lorenz Büffel – „Johnny Däpp“
8. Mickie Krause – „Schatzi schenk mir ein Foto“
9. Neil Diamond – „Sweet Caroline“
10. Nena – „99 Luftballons“
11. Nik P.– „Ein Stern (der Deinen Namen trägt)“
12. Otto Ebner – „Ein Prosit der Gemütlichkeit“ : You can find the complete lyrics in our blog article German drinking song “Ein Prosit”.“
13. Peter Wackel – „Scheiss drauf! (…Wiesn ist nur einmal im Jahr) “
14. Robbie Williams – „Angels“
15. Roland Kaiser – „Joana“
16. S.T.S. – „Fürstenfeld“
17. Spider Murphy Gang – „Skandal im Sperrbezirk“
18. Spider Murphy Gang– „Schickeria“
19. voXXclub– „Sierra Madre“
20. Wolfgang Petry – „Wahnsinn“

But which song has the potential for the next Wiesn hit?

Oktoberfest Hits Songs 2019 Women Measure

It hasn’t yet entirely figured out which song will be named the official Wiesn hit in 2021 and we are also excited – as soon as there are news, you will learn more from us. So that you don’t miss the new Oktoberfest hit 2021: You can reserve a Wiesn table in time in our shop. But you should definitely have the above mentioned Wiesn hits in your singing repertoire – even if you don’t want to “Fuck it – Wiesn is only once a year”.

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