Wiesn-Flirt: At the Oktoberfest you are not alone for long

Okotberfest flirt couple

Every year in September the time has come again and a loud “O’zapft is!” echoes from Munich. But did you also know that the Oktoberfest is an absolute high season for hot flirts and more? Flirting is as much a part of the Oktoberfest as beer and chicken. And with the support of beer, wine & Co., inhibitions fall quickly and flirting becomes a cinch. So that you can collect kisses and telephone numbers at the Oktoberfest instead of rebuffs, you can read the 10 best tips from our Wiesn experts here.

Okotberfest flirt couple

The 10 best flirt tips for the Wiesn

1. note Dirndl-Code

It is an absolute must to know and observe the secret code of the Dirndlschleife: Loop left bound means: “I’m not in a relationship with someone “. In Bavaria, the home of the Dirndl, there is a very catchy saying: “Bow left – brings luck! With the loop bound on the left, the woman signals that she is probably in the mood for flirts. Small flirts and “Anbandeln” – again a typical Bavarian expression – are allowed. In love, engaged, married: loop on the right – hands off! When the lady has tied her bow to the dirndl at the back, traditional customs say that the wearer is widowed. Often the Wiesn waitresses also choose the back-centered variant. 

2. no pickup lines

Just like outside the Oktoberfest, memory-learned pickup lines usually don’t go down well. Therefore, it is better to rely on authentic compliments or eye contact. This way you can already tell from facial expressions and gestures whether you are interested. If this is positive, the traffic light stands on green for a Wiesn flirt!


3. not too much alcohol

Beer and wine are known to make you relaxed, but too much of a good thing can quickly end in embarrassment. Excessive alcohol consumption brings with it side effects that become visible every year at the Oktoberfest. And these are anything but sexy! Therefore, it is better to drink moderately.


4. the best place for small flirts

Of course, you are faced with a problem when flirting in the beer tent: In the rarest cases someone visits the Wiesn alone. She’s there with her girl-gang, he with his buddies. It is advisable to get a beer together or, if you are a smoker, to go smoking together. A tour is also very suitable to be undisturbed with the flirt partner and to have a real conversation. The fuller the tents, the higher the chances of flirting. Because when the crowd increases, you have to be in close contact all by yourself – whether you like it or not. Positive side effect, now a flirt partner can be found particularly easily. You bump into each other, squeeze past and ask for an apology. You ask if the space is still available and what it looks like in the other tents – and you’re in the middle of a conversation.

5. small gifts increase the chances of flirting

Conquer the lady’s heart with small gifts: At the Oktoberfest, it is best to give away a gingerbread heart with a nice saying or compliment. Girls only invite to a beer or a snifter if you are quite sure of the thing – otherwise the flirt with the beer disappears very quickly.

6. come early and get a place

It’s worth going to the Wiesn early. During this time, you will still get a good seat next to your potential flirt partner or you can keep a good seat free and later offer a seat to a pretty Madl or a smart Burschn. In our online shop you will find a large selection of tables, reserve in good time and secure your Wiesn flirt!

7. get in and ride along

Fast-paced rides in roller coasters get your emotions and adrenaline pumping and make your heart beat faster. This will make it much easier for you to approach her physically. Therefore: “get in and ride along”.

8. be spontaneous

During a visit to the Oktoberfest, unpredictable things often happen (usually also due to the high alcohol consumption, therefore top tip again: Don’t drink too much!). Often mobile phones or friends get lost. Commonly the long search in the crowd is pointless. Therefore, it is better to enjoy the time with two people.

9. flirting internationally

During the Oktoberfest in Munich half the world celebrates. A good opportunity to flirt internationally: If you speak a different language, it’s best to speak English. Start for beginners: “What’s up? or “Where are you from?” And for advanced students: “May I give you a hug?”

10. Business-Date Oktoberfest

The “day after” is coming – inevitably. So, if you don’t want to become the involuntary main actor of the gossip and trash rounds in the cafeteria, you should think carefully about how far the Wiesn flirt can go between colleagues. In our business etiquette guide you will learn how to use the Wiesn career springboard.

Get started on the Wiesn – there we go!

A Dirndl turns every woman into a smart Madl – and increases the chances with the men. Go with your costume into the flirt offensive, because no garment is as tempting as the Dirndl. But also for men, a smart leather trousers makes sexy! Find out more about the current ‘Dirndl and Lederhosen trends for the Oktoberfest 2022 in our article.

And if it doesn’t work out despite our tips with the Wiesn flirt: The Wiesn is 16 days a year, it doesn’t work out today, it works out tomorrow. If the other person is not interested, accept a “no”. New flirt opportunities can be found quickly.

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