Oktoberfest visit as a teambuilding event

Teambuilding Event_Oktoberfestbesuch

A good team consists of many, very different personalities – this is the only way new creative ideas can always emerge. However, this heterogeneity can also lead to misunderstandings. A joint Oktoberfest visit is ideal to strengthen team spirit. Teambuilding event and fun in one!

Why is teambuilding important?oktoberfest teambuilding

Every company depends on good internal cooperation. Both communication and cooperation within the team must work in order to achieve fluent processes and optimal results – regardless of the industry and the size of the company. Good internal cooperation is vital for any company! It is therefore advisable to regularly use teambuilding events to ensure better mutual acquaintance and to strengthen cohesion. If everyone knows the strengths of the others, tasks are sensibly distributed according to competence and thus the resources are used in the best possible way. In addition, the motivation of the participants to achieve common goals increases. Teambuilding activities, including a joint visit to the Oktoberfest, help to work on this. Teambuilding has many advantages and is worthwhile for every company – not only in Bavaria.

Why is a visit to the Oktoberfest the perfect teambuilding event?

Beer, pretzels, Ferris wheel, swaying and traditional garb – that sounds like fun, but what does the folk festival have in common with teambuilding? A team is dynamic and constantly changing. To positively influence this development, teambuilding events are particularly suitable. Those who prefer to go to a relaxed atmosphere instead of planned indoor seminars with PowerPoint presentation are well advised to visit the Wiesn. Because here teambuilding takes place on the beer bench while swaying.

Trust, understanding, appreciation

At the Oktoberfest in Munich, the individual employees can get to know each other better in a relaxed and cheerful atmosphere. They experience each other as private individuals instead of exclusively as colleagues. In this way, they develop understanding for each other and clear up prejudices that remove the team members from each other in their daily work. This greatly facilitates long-term cooperation for all parties involved.

Communication, competence, feedback culture

Anyone who has already philosophized about God and the world on the beer bench can later communicate more easily in the office and develop a good feedback culture. This has a long-term positive effect on cooperation throughout the company and promotes an improvement in internal processes and procedures.

New colleagues, community, fun

Last but not least, a visit to the Munich Oktoberfest is fun. Especially for new employees who have only had contact with a few colleagues so far, a visit is the ideal opportunity to become part of the team. Having fun together unites the employees even more, because they experience themselves as a community. This feeling continues outside the beer tent and increases the motivation and performance of the individual employees and the team as a whole.

Oktoberfest – Teambuilding by the way

teambuilding oktoberfestThere are numerous teambuilding events and measures – why should it be an Oktoberfest visit? Quite simply! Teambuilding works especially well when it takes place naturally and as a side-effect. For example, if colleagues talk to each other at the cotton candy stand as a matter of course, the feeling of togetherness is increased much more effectively than with a forced role play. This is only one of countless situations in which the employees at the Oktoberfest communicate, experience community and learn to understand each other better. There is no effective teambuilding, the Oktoberfest is the best location for this!


Book your Oktoberfest table now.Even if the mood is exuberant, it is and will stay a business event! Find out valuable tips in our Business-Wiesn-Etiquette-Guide, to make your Oktoberfest visit with the company a complete success!

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