How to do Business and Networking at the Oktoberfest

Networking Oktoberfest

Especially during the week, table reservations for the Oktoberfest are very popular for business people, because the visitors, who are primarily for partying and drinking on the Wiesn, mostly lead to crowds on weekends and in the course of that to overcrowded tents. Business people therefore do themselves a favour by arranging their visit to the Oktoberfest for networking on a working day (or Monday to Thursday).

Networking Oktoberfest

The table should be booked as early as possible with a reservation.

Early planning is crucial for the flawless organisation of a group visit to the Oktoberfest. Shortly after the end of the Oktoberfest of the previous year, many companies will arrange suitable accommodation and table reservations in their favourite Oktoberfest tent for the following year. As a company, you want to make a good impression on your customers or employees and invite them to a trouble-free visit to the Wiesn. However, it happens again and again that the reservation is forgotten and this is no longer possible at short notice due to the large demand. Without a table reservation on the Oktoberfest it is difficult to get a free place for a group and as a “host” one should not walk aimlessly around the Theresienwiese with one’s guests and check out all the tents in order to try to get a free table somewhere with a lot of luck.

A business visit also requires prior financial planning

With the annually rising prices for a liter of beer, it is equally important not to forget budget planning. Up to 11,50 € had to be worth to the visitors in the last year a measure beer. It should be calculated, how much per person may be spent, in order not to lose the overview of the expenditures at the end. In addition, it is often better to go to the Oktoberfest at noon, as there are usually special offers for food here that are especially aimed at visitors who want to linger in the form of a business lunch. The Oktoberfest has become even more convenient for a business visit with the option of paying the bill by EC card and having a formal proof of hospitality issued.

Have interesting information about the Oktoberfest at hand

It is a good idea to have a few facts worth knowing about the largest folk festival in the world at hand beforehand, and to familiarise your business partners, customers and colleagues with the festival in all its tradition and charm.

Many well-known events have enjoyed popularity for years

Regine Sixt has been inviting visitors to Ladies’ Wiesn almost every year for almost 30 years. Around 1000 invited visitors from a wide variety of industries gather here for a good cause, with fun and networking not being forgotten.

Not quite as old, but no less well known is the annual BMW Wiesn Sport regulars’ table. Here, too, numerous prominent faces – above all from the sports industry – will be represented. Last year, for example, Katarina Witt, Georg Hackl and Christian Neureuther found themselves at Käfer’s Wiesn tavern.


So that you don’t stumble at the end of your Oktoberfest planning, check out our shop for table reservations for the Oktoberfest in a tent of your choice to have a relaxed Oktoberfest visit with customers or business partners.


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