How much does a visit to the Oktoberfest cost? – Saving money at the Oktoberfest 2022

Cheap Oktoberfest family

On September, 2022, the motto “O’zapft is” starts again. Be prepared for one thing in particular: A walk across the Wiesn can be an expensive pleasure. Most Wiesn visitors leave several hundred of euros at the Oktoberfest. Here you will find tips on how to get through the Wiesn visit more cheaply.

Cheap Oktoberfest family

What will it cost for a family to visit the Oktoberfest in 2022?

14.15 pm: First of all into the beer tent. A beer and a ‘Radler’ for the adults, a cold coke and a soda for the children. Plus three chicken hendl and a delicious Kaiserschmarrn for dessert!

3:30 pm: Get out of the beer tent and take a digestive walk around the Oktoberfest! Two candy floss for the children and a love apple for your heartwoman.

4:30 pm: Children’s roundabout, ghost house and bumper cars! The family decides in favour of the giant chain carousel, because here you have the most beautiful view over Munich! (Except of the Ferris wheel)

19 pm: Tomorrow is Monday and so they end the afternoon at the Käferschenke. With two delicious beetle ducks, a saddle of venison and a snack plate. In addition two refreshing ‘Radler’ and two ‘Spezi’ to drink.

If you sum up the prices of the Oktoberfest afternoon you will get close to 200-250 Euro.

Read our tips on how to get through your Wiesn visit cheaper! Whether as single, couple or family, everyone can save if they follow our tips!

Oktoberfest beer priceBeer prices 2022

Do Wiesn and saving money go together while beer prices climbing unchecked from year to year? In 2018 we were already just under 12 euros. The price ranged from 10.70 euros to 11.50 euros after the “beer price brake” failed.

The Wiesn landlords justified the price increases in 2018 with their costs, which have risen again this year. And these costs are recouped by the landlords via the beer price. In 2018, one litre of the golden barley juice cost up to 11.50 euros. The cheapest price was 10.70 euros.

Surprisingly the prices for non-alcoholic drinks have even fallen: Bottled water 8.72 euros (previous year 8.73 euros), and soda 9.27 euros (previous year 9.55 euros).


Arrival – What is the cheapest way to get there?

By plane

Munich’s airport Franz-Josef-Strauß is about 20 km away from the Oktoberfest. At the airport you will find information on the cheapest way to get to the city centre. The fastest way to get to the main station is usually by airport bus in about 45 minutes.

By train

As a rule, if you travel by train, you will arrive at Munich main station or Ostbahnhof, from where you can reach the Oktoberfest inexpensively by public transport.


Take the S1 or S8 to Hackerbrücke

(Travel time: approx. 10 minutes from Ostbahnhof, 5 minutes from Marienplatz, 2 minutes from Hauptbahnhof)

S7 and S20 to Heimeranplatz, continue with U4 or U5 to Theresienwiese or Schwanthalerhöhe

(Journey time approx. 10 minutes from the main station.)


U3 or U6 to Goetheplatz and Poccistraße

(journey time approx. 4 minutes from Marienplatz.)

U4 or U5 to Theresienwiese or Schwanthalerhöhe

(approx. 1-2 minutes from the main station)

An MVV single ticket currently costs 2.90 euros, a return ticket costs 5.80 euros. Another possibility would be a single day ticket for the interior for currently 6.70 euros (26.11.2018).

TIP: Better take public transport than a taxi. Getting a cab sometimes takes longer than waiting for the subway.

By car

If you travel by car, you have to be prepared for a long search for a parking space and high fees. Most parking spaces are either reserved for residents or cost well over 2.59 euros per hour.

TIP: It is much more relaxed and cheaper to park outside the well-connected park and ride facilities and to use public transport.


Where can I sleep cheapest?

Here, too, it is best to book your accommodation as early as possible. As Munich is full to the brim during the Wiesn period, hotel operators raise the prices for a room during the Wiesn days by more than 75 percent in some cases. However, there are still opportunities for spontaneous decision-makers, if they don’t want to go to a luxury hotel. In recent years, residents have also discovered that they can rent their flat for good money on Airbnb during the Oktoberfest.


TIP: Of course, the cheapest way to travel is to sleep with friends or acquaintances. But if you don’t know anyone and have a long journey behind you, the best thing to do is look around for holiday apartments and guesthouses just outside. Alternatively – if you don’t need much comfort – you can sleep at the campsite or try couchsurfing.


If you don’t mind camping and would like to spend a cheap night, you can also find out more about the Wiesn Camp in Munich Riem and arrive stress-free by S-Bahn (stop Riem).


cheap food OktoberfestCheap food & drinks at the Oktoberfest

There is nothing better than eating a roast pork with dumplings on a beer bench or enjoying a tasty Wienbreze with cheese and Obatzda. In general, however, you can say that everything is cheaper on the street than in a tent. Even in small tents it is often cheaper than in large tents. But let’s be honest: The Oktoberfest is only once a year, so you can treat yourself to a delicious chicken in a hearty beer tent atmosphere.

Tip Lunchtime-Wiesn: Monday to Friday from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. there are discounts of up to 50 percent at some restaurants and rides. Whoever participates in the discount campaign can be recognized by the Lunchtime Wiesn logo. Almost every tent offers a cheaper menu and there are also discounts at the food stands.


Oktoberfest cheap children

Cheap meadow with children – is that possible?

A stroll around the Oktoberfest with children can be expensive. Cotton candy, chain carousel and ghost train. For children, the Wiesn is pure paradise. Parents often have less to laugh about and have to grab deep into their wallets.

Not only the duration of the trip, but also the prices for many shops vary depending on the day and time. Here, too, of course, our tip with the lunchtime Wiesn should be kept in mind.

TIP: If you are travelling with children, you should definitely visit the family day at the Oktoberfest, which takes places every Tuesday from 10 am to 7 pm. Then there are more family-friendly prices for delicacies and cheaper rides at many carousels and other rides.


Other tips:

  • Withdraw money before you go to the Oktoberfest At the Oktoberfest you pay credit card fees of up to 6 euros, so it is better to withdraw money in advance!
  • Cute with second-hand: Instead of in shabby station stands, you should rummage in second-hand shops early. There you can often find unique and sassy Dirndl and Lederhosen.


We wish you a lot of fun at the Oktoberfest and an unforgettable time! With our tips you will get through your Wiesn visit in a cost-effective and relaxed way. Reserve a Wiesn table in our shop now!

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