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5 tips for proper cleaning and longterm care for your Lederhosen

Lederhosen Care & Cleaning

Beer, roast pork and chicken fat – one moment you are enjoying the finest German treats and the next moment there is a stain on your beloved traditional Bavarian leather pants (the Lederhosen). Now what? Even if a pair of Lederhosen can take a lot – after an extensively celebrated Oktoberfest season, it can happen that they need a gentle cleaning. However, simply putting them in the washing machine is usually the wrong way to go. ? In the following you will find our ultimate tips and tricks for the care and cleaning of traditional leather pants. With their help, your Lederhosen remains a purchase for life!

The best accessories for dirndls and leather trousers for the Oktoberfest

Trachten Hut | Tischreservierung Oktoberfest

Dirndl and Lederhosen are now compulsory at the Oktoberfest. Tourists, business people and of course the locals themselves have Bavarian costume hanging in their closets. But in order to make a good overall impression at the Oktoberfest, nowadays you need the right accessories in addition to the well-known traditional costume. Read more!